The services alfarah movers and removals provides are air fright, packing, ware house and general removals in UAE. air fright is the most competitive price service we provide

Alfarah movers and removals services:

Air Freight

Alfarah Movers and packers provide premium express air freight transportation services but with a competitive economy all over in UAE.

we believe that everything on time is good. so we provide fast delivery to our clients  Fast Delivery

At Alfarah movers and packers we pride ourselves on providing simple but secure air freight services along with a cost-effective and mentioned schedule. We offer a complete range of air logistics services, tailored to suit your needs. It includes premium express and economy options for international delivery. So, contact us to find out more, or request a free quote online.

the major services are Air Cargo Insurance, Pickup & Delivery,  Door to Door and Airport to Airport, Project Cargo,  Import & Export, Documentation Including Customs Clearances and general clearance services

Service List

Services Alfarah Movers provides:

Premium Express and Economy Delivery Option

Freight Consolidation Services National Delivery

Air Cargo Insurance
Pickup & Delivery
Door to Door and Airport to Airport
Project Cargo
Import & Export Documentation Including Customs Clearances

as a movers and general removal company we have an experience of clearance certification from UAE government.

Clearing Services

In summary, we have the experience and knowledge to meet all import and export requirements with UAE Customs. We can quickly but efficiently process all necessary country-specific documentation for Custom Clearances.

We have an experienced labor for packing your luggage and in addition to that we use the best packing material to make sure your luggage would not damage at any cost. So we do whatever we can do to securely transport your luggage to your new destination. Packing

For Alfarah movers and packers the packing material is as important as packing staff for a safe and secure shipment. However, for extra care and protection of your belongings during cargo and shipment, we use professional packing material. Moreover, it also protects your luggage in the storage process. A high-quality packaging material make it easier to handle your luggage during transportation. In addition, it also provides extra security to your luggage. Firstly we use the best packing material, secondly, we use the best method for packing to secure your shipment. Finally, we transport it safely to its final destination.

Commercial Moves

Besides this, we provide packaging services for commercial shipments.  In addition, Alfarah movers and packers also facilitate its customers with full container load (FCL) and Less than a container load (LCL). Making sure their goods reach the destination on time and intact.

However, for air, ocean, and road delivery services we are specialized in packaging and crating. We provide our services to all industry sectors for that all crates are specially designed and engineered by our staff to meet all industry standards. This also includes the Break Bulk Crating. Our wide range of customized packaging services ensures our client’s goods are safe. Regarding pilfering and damage during preparing for shipping, transport, and delivery process.

In conclusion, a comprehensive door to door moving and relocation service is assured. Besides this, personal touch and attention to detail are given to each aspect of the packaging and moving services.

Ware House Service

Alfarah Movers Cargo can arrange short as well as long-term storage of your valuable goods in secure warehousing facilities throughout the UAE.
Our storehouses are specially designed for handling a large volume of international freight. Furthermore, Alfarah movers and packers competitive prices and customization ensure that you pay only for space you require.

Our warehouses allow easy access to our customers to process orders and distribute products quickly but cost-effectively. 

Advantages of our warehouse

(i)  A specialized labor force.
(ii)  Top-notch facilities.
(iii) Standard operating procedures designed specifically to the Client’s operation. 

We assure you that one client does not have to share labor, equipment, dock doors, or floor space with other Clients.  When your freight is ready for transport, Alfarah movers Cargo manages a full pick-up and delivery of your goods quickly and efficiently.  Furthermore, we can help you strategically find or locate warehouse facilities. However, suits your needs in resulted in minimizing transit costs and delays.


Alfarah Mover’s Cargo has become one of the most sought-after Freight Forwarding Services providers in Dubai. As a major freight forwarding company, we offer excellent freight forwarding services by land, sea, or air as per needs. Our expert professionals are ready to route your goods to or from almost any point in the Middle East.
Moreover, our services are based on our approach to deal in detail with each and every possible aspect. In addition, a direct freight forwarding service is provided. Our well-maintained fleet of trucks with high cargo carrying capacities ensures timely pick-ups and deliveries all over UAE.

Our forwarding services include

– Door to door air freight forwarding services delivery.
– Express services (tome bound services).
– LCL, FCL, and gateway consolidations.

Our services do not end after your valuables reach the final destination besides we care for your goods as our own. We at Alfarah Movers  Cargo offer the loading and unloading services with care. With FCL or LCL, your goods are given individual attention so that they reach their final destination in proper form and condition.

Cargo Movers

Alfarah Movers Cargo has a well organized transport system that consists of various specialized vehicles. A nationwide network and computerized tracking system empower us to give you comprehensive transportation. Either mass transportation or a small quantity delivery, no problem!. We provide the best domestic transportation solutions possible through our transports as well as strategic alliances with other contract truck carriers.

Moreover, we also render services like loading, unloading, escorting, and transit with insurance, etc. Tempos, Trucks, Canters, Trailers, and Containers (closed body) are utilized to transport all the articles to their respective destinations. Experienced and reliable drivers and staff ensure the safe & smooth transit of our customer’s goods.

Door To Door Cargo

Alfarah Movers Cargo – Door to Door Services is easy to use for direct distribution service. Alfarah Movers Cargo picks up your goods, transfers them to an export facility, and transports them via ROAD TRANSPORT SERVICES. Clearing them through customs and distributing them to multiple end-users at the destination. All this in one simple phone call!. These unique features allow you to reduce your working capital. 

In conclusion, by eliminating the need for intermediate warehousing and speeding up your order-to-delivery cycle. So your luggage is in full control in every step of the way. 


Though the primary emphasis is on cargo moving Alfarah Movers Cargo also offers relocation services in UAE. Whether moving across the street or across the borders, we can pack your possessions securely and get them where they need to be. This represents all aspects of your move, from pre-move planning to the unpacking and removal of luggage. For stress-free and efficient relocation of your home and office, trust Alfarah Movers Cargo staff because it is always willing to serve you at surprisingly affordable prices.

Alfarah Movers Cargo provides the following tools and services

– Customized Proposal
– Transit Risk
– Packing and Loading/ Handling
– Smooth Running Fleet for Goods Transportation.
– On-Line Vehicle Tracking
– Unloading of goods at your doorstep
– Un-Packing

Special Services of Alfarah Movers

We offer you complete services, it’s like having your own office in UAE.

Reach out to any type of products
Vehicle parts.
Aircraft Parts.
Flight Instruments.
Medical equipment and supplies.
Construction equipment, parts, and tools.
Electronic equipment and instruments.
Computers and parts.
And much more…

Do you need to ship your purchases to your country?

To request a quote or direct contact with al-farah movers and packers. 

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