Top Common Questions

What benefits do I get by moving with Delight Alfarah Movers and removal in UAE?

Our well-trained and experienced team offers you customer oriented, personalized, time-definite and cost-saving service that ensures a hassle-free relocation.

What are the countries that you provide delivery to?

Our Alfarah Movers and removal service are available to all Cities around the UAE.

How do I initiate the moving process of Alfarah Movers and removal in UAE?

Please call us for a survey on 8001616 (Toll-Free) or 02 6902900 for Abu Dhabi or on 04 3572294 for Dubai. Our customer service representative will arrange for a free survey at your residence.

Do you charge for the survey?

The survey is free of charge.

When should I contact you to organize my pending National movers and removal?

The earlier the better! It gives us sufficient time to organize all resources required for your move.

What will the movers and removal surveyors tell me when he visits my home to assess the cost of my move?

Our surveyors will be able to give you an estimate of the approximate cost of the packaging & volume. They would advise you about any special packing required for valuables, breakables, antiques etc. to ensure damage-free delivery.

Can I get a quote on the phone?

As a general practice, we only give quotations after carrying out a survey. But in some urgent cases, we do provide quotes on the phone itself.

How will I receive my quote?

Quotations are emailed to your nominated email addresses. We can also send quotes through fax or can be delivered to your residence.

On confirmation of the quotes, how much lead time would you require for starting the move?

In order to reserve a slot, booking should be made at the earliest. In case of urgency, please contact our customer service team to see what best can be done.

Who will pack my goods?

We have a team of trained packers who will carry out the packing.

Can I pack myself?

We recommend packing to be done by professional packers. Our packing team has years of experience, expertise, and all required resources to ensure your consignment is appropriately packed and has incident-free transit. If you would still like to pack by yourself, we would be happy to assist you with any information you may require on the same. We also offer packing material at very reasonable rates. Please be aware that, any goods packed by you will not be covered under the insurance policy.

Do you provide storage?

Yes, we do provide heat protected and temperature controlled storage service.

Can I insure my cargo?

Yes, we will assist you in the insurance process. It is the responsibility of the customer to insure their goods.

What should I do if my shipment arrives damaged?

If the cargo is insured, the shipper can claim for damage. Please inform us immediately to ensure speedy resolution of the insurance process.

What items should I not include in an international household goods shipment?

Do not pack inflammable items. Do not pack any prohibited items. You would have to refer to customs regulations of the respective destination countries as it differs from country to country.

How long would it take to receive my goods?

Our customer service team will communicate an approximate transit time. We cannot guarantee this as there could be delays beyond our handling capacity.

Are transit times guaranteed?

Unfortunately, transit times cannot be guaranteed, we can only give you an approximate idea of the time taken for transit


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